Test loading and time comparison

Test loading of the false stem wall shoe was carried out at the Construction Engineering Laboratory at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

Three tests were carried out. All three tests exceeded a breaking load of 80 kN. The load-bearing capacity of a single false stem wall shoe is thus 80 kN, or 8,157.73 kg.

The test report in .pdf format is available on request from TRANSPORDIX OÜ / Valesokkelikenkä.

Site: a house with a floor area of 12.5 x 12.5 m = 156 square metres.

The repair is carried out from inside.

The wall panels, vapour barrier and insulation wool have been removed.

Repair is carried out on the frame only.


Concrete block method

Supporting the roof = 1 day.

100 concrete blocks, laying and cementing. Installation of foundation sill, mounting and wedging of vertical studs = 24 days.

Total time required: 25 days.

Time needed for the repair of the ceiling and flooring is not included.

False stem wall shoe method

Work completed = 4 days.

In other words, the frame repair is 5 to 6 times quicker than with the concrete block method in our example case.